Saturday, April 21, 2012

Praying To God With Open and Humble Hearts

Psalm 51 is one of the most beautiful, written prayers we have been given by God, (Who inspired David) to write it so many years ago. It's a Grace-filled, humble prayer of true repentance to God that when prayed with an open and humble heart can bring about true spiritual transformation and even conversion of heart and soul in ones life. It's very powerful, and then again, so are all the prayers we pray with sincere, open and humble hearts to our Loving God, Who always longs to hear from us and answer us in return! God is the Ultimate Healer in our lives that longs that gather up all the brokenness of our lives, all our hurts, sorrows, and and anything else that might be keeping us from having and experiencing the most full, rich, blessed and Grace-filled life that God truly created us for, and desires for us all! Jesus came into this world so that we would have LIFE... and have it more abundantly... and so that our JOY would be complete! That's pretty powerful and it's such an amazing gift He longs to give us! To receive this gift, however, we need to come tom Him and to God and give Them all that keeps us, (seemingly separated) from this most beautiful promise of Hope that Jesus came to give us and fulfill! God Loves you with an everlasting Love and so does Jesus! May our dear Lord bless you today in every way with His Love, Joy, Grace and endless blessings! You are His precious child... and He longs to hear from you! May you fear not to open your humble heart to God today, (no matter how much you may feel He can't possibly understand or what to hear what you are going through and have to say), and know and trust that He Loves you endlessly and longs to take away whatever it is that keeps you from living His promise of abundant Life to the fullest and let Him heal you and transform your life in the most beautiful way, like no other can do!). For God is with you, and I am praying for you too! :)