Saturday, April 21, 2012

Praying To God With Open and Humble Hearts

Psalm 51 is one of the most beautiful, written prayers we have been given by God, (Who inspired David) to write it so many years ago. It's a Grace-filled, humble prayer of true repentance to God that when prayed with an open and humble heart can bring about true spiritual transformation and even conversion of heart and soul in ones life. It's very powerful, and then again, so are all the prayers we pray with sincere, open and humble hearts to our Loving God, Who always longs to hear from us and answer us in return! God is the Ultimate Healer in our lives that longs that gather up all the brokenness of our lives, all our hurts, sorrows, and and anything else that might be keeping us from having and experiencing the most full, rich, blessed and Grace-filled life that God truly created us for, and desires for us all! Jesus came into this world so that we would have LIFE... and have it more abundantly... and so that our JOY would be complete! That's pretty powerful and it's such an amazing gift He longs to give us! To receive this gift, however, we need to come tom Him and to God and give Them all that keeps us, (seemingly separated) from this most beautiful promise of Hope that Jesus came to give us and fulfill! God Loves you with an everlasting Love and so does Jesus! May our dear Lord bless you today in every way with His Love, Joy, Grace and endless blessings! You are His precious child... and He longs to hear from you! May you fear not to open your humble heart to God today, (no matter how much you may feel He can't possibly understand or what to hear what you are going through and have to say), and know and trust that He Loves you endlessly and longs to take away whatever it is that keeps you from living His promise of abundant Life to the fullest and let Him heal you and transform your life in the most beautiful way, like no other can do!). For God is with you, and I am praying for you too! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rise And Shine And Give God The Glory!

Every new day that we are given by God is a pure and blessed gift! Another new chance to rise... and shine... and give God all the glory He so deserves! God Loves us so very much, has created us and chosen us to be His very own, and even calls us, His beloved, by name... to give our hearts, souls, and lives to Him...and as we live our lives for Him. We are blessed in more ways that we could ever even say!

God truly wants us to surrender our lives to Him, to live for Him and He most certainly wants to bless us in every way imaginable! He also wants our lives to glorify Him and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in all ways! And so, just how do we do that... and how does that happen?

We give glory to God and glorify Him with our very lives when we live lives that are committed and dedicated to loving, serving, honoring and glorifying Him. God has created us for glory... to shine with all the glory of Heaven... and let all the Earth see that He is God... that He has created us, Loves us and lives in us... and that all the good that we do and accomplish in our lives flows from and through Him into our lives... and into the world!

Every morning when you rise... always remember to thank God for the precious gift of another, beautiful and blessed day! For, with God, as the center of our lives, we can't even begin to imagine all of the Hope, Love, and amazing potential that each new day that He blesses us with holds!

Remember too, to re-dedicate and commit your heart, soul, and life to God... and let Him know that you plan to give Him all the glory for all that you do that day! Know that He Loves you endlessly, that He lives within you, and that He intends to bless you this day in the most abundant ways... be open to His wonderful blessings... let His Light shine in you... you will glorify Him! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thanking God For The Precious Gift Of Today!

Here's just a little reminder that each and every day is a brand new, beautiful and blessed gift from God! Every day is a new beginning, and a new chance to surrender our heats, souls, and lives to God, our Heavenly Father, more deeply and truly... and to trust Him more. Every day is a brand new opportunity to trust that, truly, our lives are in His loving hands, and that He has prepared a beautiful and bright future full of Hope for us... and if we place all of our trust in Him... He will continue to lead us, guide us and direct us on His Way of everlasting Goodness, of Faith, Hope and Love!

Be blessed today... because by God, you truly are, in countless ways! Remember to thank God for the precious gift of today... and dedicate it to Him.... so that you may give Him all the glory He deserves! Remember also to once again, or even for the very first time, give your heart, soul and life to Him... for that is when the true blessings really begin to flow in our lives from His generous, Grace-filled heart!

And most of all.... remember to thank God for the gift of this day, the gift of His Love and Grace and all the endless blessings in your life! He loves to hear from you!!! :)

God Loves you with an everlasting Love!!! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

God Is Love!

"God is Love!" (1 John 4:8) Indeed He is! And because God is Love... so are we... His beautiful and beloved children, created by Him so carefully in His image and likeness of Love! How blessed we are to be His children and to inherit the Gift of eternal Life through the most holy sacrifice on the cross for our sins, of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior, Best Friend, Teacher and Beloved One.

Love is the very nature of God, and because it's the nature of God, it is our own very nature as well. We need to contemplate it more and dwell in it more and in the Holy Presence of our Heavenly Father, Who's Love for us knows no end.

Many people, both Christians, and non-Christians alike spend way too much of their time thinking inaccurately that God is mad at them. This may have come from when they where children and formed their view of God, relating God to a parent, which He is, but unlike all parents who no matter how loving, are still capable of making mistakes and will never be able to Love as unconditionally as God, God however Is pure Love and truly Loves all of His children unconditionally, unfailingly, with an everlasting Love!

Some people might find it hard to believe but God delights in all of His children! Yes, God delights in you and me, just as parents delight in their children. I have come to realize this more and more being a mother of my beautiful 22 month old daughter, Audrey and my second daughter, growing in my womb due to be born this April.

As a parent, God blesses us with a special revelation of His Love... as we continue to see the similarities of the ever-growing Love and delight we have for our children, and the ever-growing, never-ending Love and delight God has for all of His children, you and me! No matter how much I Love and delight in my precious daughters, (and it's quite a lot!), I know that it's still just a glimpse of the Love and delight God has for all of His children... and just thinking about that is pretty amazing!

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow... my heart's prayer is that more and more people, all of God's children, really, will come to discover more fully and deeply the amazing gift of God's precious, unending Love for us all! I pray every child of God will re-commit their heart to God, or give it to Him for the very first time and ask Him to fill it with His everlasting Love, so much, that it overflows and overflows again and again, out into the world to be shared with others.

I am reminded of that 1970's Dianna Ross song.... "What the world needs now, is Love... sweet Love... it's the only thing that there's just too little of!" Agreed!

I wish you a very Happy and Blessed Valentine's Day filled with all the many blessings of God's Love and the true realization of just how much He Loves you and always will!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

God's Grace is Enough!

When we feel lost in our Faith journey, when we feel like we don't know where to go, and all our energy is spent... we are not alone... God is certainly with us, and so is the beautiful gift of His Grace, which gives us to strength to persevere through any given situation, no matter how difficult or trying it may be. His Grace gives us true Hope and let's us know that we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us!

I really Love this verse from Sacred Scripture...And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. (2 Corinthians 12:9). I believe it really speaks about what the heart of a true Christian, follower of Jesus looks like.

Many people both Christian and non-Christian a like may think that if you are a Christian and follow Jesus and God rules in your life that you will never ever face any kind of difficulties, hardship, tragedies or sorrow, though, nothing could be further from the Truth!

There's a saying I've heard several times now, that I just Love that really depicts the Truth of Christian life and it is this... "I never said that it would be easy, I just said that it would be worth it!" This quote is meant to be said by God or Jesus, and it really speaks to my heart!

Life, (whether you are a Christian or not), certainly is not always easy, and most especially not if you truly want to live it as Jesus calls us to, Loving God, our neighbor and our self and all times, living our lives, not by the standards of, "the world," but by the standards of God and following all the teachings that Jesus came to teach us, so that we could truly have Life and have it more abundantly!

The Good News... (and with Jesus... there is always Good News!), is that, we can truly live the most beautiful and blessed Life of abundant Joy that Jesus came into this world to give us... and we can do that by following, Loving and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord, Savior, Best Friend, Healer, Teacher, and Beloved... and live our lives with Him, for Him, through Him and in Him!

When we do this... He truly gives us ALL we need to overcome any obstacle that prevents us from living the most beautiful, blessed abundant Life has for us, because as we journey through hard, challenging, difficult and even sorrowful times, He gives us His Grace, again and again and again... it it truly is sufficient for us, it really is more than enough for us!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Learning To Love Yourself... As God Loves You!

God Loves you and me... yes, He most certainly does. Did you know that He truly wants us to Love ourselves the way that He Loves us? It's true... He really does, though, at times, this might be very difficult for us, perhaps one of the most difficult things we will ever have to do.

Learning to truly Love ourselves as God Loves us is so important and one of the most essential things we will ever have to do to live the most beautiful and blessed life as God's child, for if we are not able to truly Love ourselves, how will we ever be able to truly Love others as God calls us to do?

"And you shall Love the Lord your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these." (Mark 12:30).

What a beautiful message from Jesus, and teaching that He tells us is the most important of all, yet, if we are not able to truly and unconditionally Love ourselves as God Loves us... how will we ever follow through with this amazing teaching and truly Love others as we Love ourselves, as God Loves them?

I believe that many Christians might have the wrong idea about Loving ourselves, and think that it's either vain or self-centered to Love ourselves, but, nothing could be further from the Truth!
We must remember... that "God is Love!" and we are Love too... because He is our Heavenly Father, our beautiful Creator and has so lovingly created us in His image and likeness of Love! So to know Love, we must not only know God, but know ourselves. And to Love as Jesus teaches us and calls us to is to Love and take delight in all that God has created, just as He does... and that means YOU! :)

We really need to learn to Love ourselves more deeply and truly as God Loves us, to know ourselves as well as God does, and to be as compassionate and forgiving and patient with ourselves as God is. This is what He truly wants!

We all have wounds on our hearts and souls that we have received throughout our lives. Some have healed and some haven't. My prayer is that we, as God's beloved children will begin, (if we haven't already), to Love ourselves whole-heatedly, as God Loves us... as that we can truly Love others as God Loves them. That we will allow ourselves to accept the Gift of Healing that Jesus' Love gives... and by doing so, we will be able to offer that special Gift of healing to others.

We can also heal, by Loving ourselves as God Loves us, for sometimes, without ever meaning to, we can be the ones who inflict upon ourselves the greatest amount of pain and sorrow, and this is not what God wants. God truly wants us to be Loving and kind and gentle and compassionate and forgiving and patient with ourselves.... so I hope and pray that you will give yourself that gift of God! It's perhaps the greatest Gift you could ever give yourself! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life Is What You Make It!

"Life is what you make it!" I have heard this saying a lot and do believe that it's really true! Although, our lives do not really belong to us, totally, but to God, still, God has given us the precious gift of Life and each, new day to make the very best of it and ourselves!

God has given us all that we need to truly fulfill our life's purpose and reach our deepest dreams! He gives us the unending gift of His Love, His Grace, His Light, and the gift of our Faith. With Faith in God... all things are possible, (according to God's perfect will for our lives). God also gives us His Holy Spirit to guide us, lead us and even pray for us, when we don't know what to pray for.

It may seem quite easy to make the best of our lives when things are going wonderfully and smoothly for us, though, when times are difficult, challenging and even painful and frustrating... how do we go about making the best of our lives, when we may feel overcome by the unfortunate circumstances in our lives?

I believe that it's then when we have to rely on God and trust in Him all the more. We need His Grace and strength in these times, more than ever, to truly grow through our circumstances and deepen our Faith and Christian character. In these times we need to remember this amazingly powerful verse from Sacred Scripture: "I Can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!" (Philippians 4:13).

Jesus Christ came into this world so that we might have Life and have it more abundantly! How often do we forget this? Christ wants us to truly lives blessed, happy, healthy, good, beautiful abundant lives... and He is truly with us and within us to help us do so!

So, to make the very best of our lives and ourselves... we must simply, at all times, rely on and trust in God and in Christ to give us His Grace to help make this possible! We can create our lives to be a beautiful masterpiece for God, (with His help and the help of Christ), and what a perfect, "Thank You gift," to God... to say, "Thank you, for giving me the precious gift of Life... here's my offering of gratitude to you in return!"

May we always live our live for God, always aiming to please Him in all we do... and may we always rely deeply on the Grace of God and Christ to help see us through to our brightest days... truly making our lives and ourselves the most beautiful masterpieces possible! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

God's Miracles Happen Everyday!

God's miracles happen each and every day, this is a sure fact! All we have to do is open our eyes and hearts each morning and take in the brand, new beautiful sun rising in a picture perfect painted sky, created anew by God each and every morning and we are hopefully moved to realize and remember God's miraculous power and glory!

And we can continue to find all kinds of miracles in God's beautiful creation, from beautiful flowers that grow and bloom to baby animals being born, and of course the most amazing of all God's miracles... the miracle and gift of human life!

To even begin to ponder the mystery, wonder and true miracle of how a human being is miraculously conceived, how a precious little child of God, (even at it's earliest stage), is nestled in its mother's womb for nine months, to grow and be nurtured safely there by its mother and of course by God is truly one of the most profound miracles we will ever experience, next to the miracle of Jesus' conception, birth, life, death and Resurrection from the dead.

Our God is truly a God of the miraculous... He is truly a God of miracles, (both great and small!), and I have come to believe from my own personal experience that God is very generous in giving miracles of all kinds to His children, both when we pray for them, and when we really need them, and may not have even prayed for them, yet, God knew how much we needed them and what a blessing they would be to us and our Faith!

Miracles are happening all the time, all around us, (even if we are completely unaware of it!). A miracle is an event that happened through divine intervention, in other words, through God's gracious and loving intervention. A miracle is a precious gift given only by God, and when we are so blessed to receive one, we should be eternally thankful to God for blessing us in this most gracious way! This thankfulness of heart, will inspire us and we will grow in our Faith and devotion, even closer to God and we will really benefit from this gift in endless ways that will continue our whole life through.

May our hearts always be open, and ready to accept the many, beautiful miracles that God sends our way, both big and small! For He Loves us so much and longs to bless us in endless ways! :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With God All Things Are Possible!

Do you really believe that, "With God all things are possible?" That's what Jesus tells us in Sacred Scripture... and His Word is truly true! Is it hard to imagine, it may be... but it's true!

With God all things really are possible, though, we must have an incredible amount of Faith for this promise of God to be seen in our lives. There are so many situations in people's lives that may seem so hopeless and dismal at times that they feel helpless and feel that there's nothing that even God can do to change their situation. Though, I don't believe that's true.

God Loves us so much, He's always with us and He truly wants to help us be the best that we can be, be all that He's created us to be... (and that's someone pretty amazing!). He really wants to bless us, and give us a beautiful and blessed future full of Hope and Goodness. It might be hard for some people to image, especially if they have suffered greatly in their lives... but its really true.

With deep and passionate Faith in God, and reliance on His unfailing Love, it's never, ever too late for God to make His Presence known in our lives, to change our situation and even heal us of what is ailing us and make us whole again.

So, if are going through something in your life at this time that is difficult, challenging, painful, confusing... whatever it might be, and you are feeling that things are just hopeless and simply can't be helped or turned around, please don't loose Hope, heart, or give up. Even if you have already tried going to God and feel that perhaps, He just didn't hear or answer your prayers, please, still don't despair.

Remember... with God... there is ALWAYS Hope... and with God, truly ALL things are possible for those who believe in Him with hearts filled with endless Faith! God is our Heavenly Father and He has a great, big heart filled with unconditional Love for us, His beloved children. We must go to Him in humility and Faith and speak to Him with open hearts sharing with Him, all that we need to say. He truly wants to hear from us... and IS listening. Just believe, Trust and have Faith in Him and all the miracles that can come about through our Faith in Him!

God Loves you with an everlasting Love... and is waiting to bless us in countless ways! May we always be open to the wonderful and beautiful ways in which God longs to bless us! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Am Blessed!

Have you ever heard the saying, "I'm too blessed to be stressed?" You may have even seen it on a licence plate, as I often do from time to time. Well, without trying to sound too cliche' I will share that I feel the same way as well.

When we have God as the center of our lives, and are committed to living our lives for Him, to love and serve Him and His people, and live lives that are pleasing to Him... we can't help but be blessed by Him... His blessings overflow in abundance from Heaven above!

What do you consider to be a blessing in your life? Is a blessing for you, only something that can be seen as an obvious good thing, or are you able to see beyond something that may not first appear to be a blessing, though, in time, discover that it is truly, "a blessing in disguise?"

I am very thankful that God has given me the humility and wisdom to realize that His endless blessings come in all shapes, colors, packages and yes, even disguises! When I was going through a very difficult time once, as a young adolescent, I had a friend share with me what I consider to be a very valuable piece of wisdom with me and it was this: "Crises is a blessing in disguise, " and I have to say, that this statement has proven true in my life on several occasions.

I am glad that I am able to recognize a crises as a blessing in disguise, because what it really is is a blessed opprotunity given by God to grow, lean more, and be transformed by God's healing Love and Grace.

God is truly in control of our lives... this is for sure, and so He's not only in control of what seem to be the good things that happen to us, but even what we might consider the not so good things as well! He Loves us deeply with an everlasting Love... and desires for us to live a good, holy life, richly blessed by Him in abundant ways! Yet, the journey may not always be smooth sailing all the way. I believe God allows us to have challenging times and even sorrowful times because this is a way in which we grow closer to Him and our Faith is truly proved and strengthened, like gold in the refiner's fire.

He doesn't ever want us to feel defeated or overcome by our trials and adversities, but strengthened and encouraged in knowing that we are truly not alone, that He is with us... and so is Jesus, Who truly understands what we are going through, because He was human in every way, when He lived and walked upon this Earth, human in every way, except sin.

When we go through difficult, challenging, and sorrowful times we should rejoice and unite ourselves with Jesus, Whose life did not end in defeat, but Who overcame the ultimate obstacle of all... death. Jesus destroyed the power of death, by rising from the dead and the power of His Resurrection is now available to you and me and all believers in Him!

So, if you have made God the center of your life and you live your life for Him, you are blessed, in ways both big and small! And when we walk beside Jesus, as our Lord, Savior, Teacher, and dear Friend, we are doubly blessed!

God has so many blessings for us all, each and every day, many times throughout our days God wishes to bless us. It's really true! It's all a matter of how we choose to view our lives and the happenings in it. To be truly blessed, we must always remember that, "Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." (James 1:17)

God Loves you endlessly and wants to bless you today in the most beautiful way! Let's all be open to the many blessings of God, sent from Heaven above!!! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Miracle of Love!

Love is a miracle! It lives within our hearts. Find it, give it and more Love will come back to you in return. Love is alive and real and a true miracle from God! It's a precious gift that God has given us and it can heal and change the world and every person living in it! God is Love... and He has created us in His own very, beautiful image and likeness... of Love! Yes, we are Love too!

Be not afraid to Love, especially as God calls us to. Be not afraid to Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to Love your neighbor as yourself! Be not afraid to Love yourself as God Loves you. You are deeply Loved by God...and He wants you to know this and believe this and live this Truth with all that you are!

God calls us to walk in Love, humbly with one another! What miracles can come if we all strive to do this... what healing will come about in ourselves and in our world if we truly walk and live in Love as God calls us to... as Jesus has taught us!

Dare to Love... with all your heart, soul, mind and being! Dare to help create miracles of Love where ever you go, beginning with yourself and in your own home and community... and the miracles of Love will grow from there, like a rippling effect... Love will spread and heal and change the world for the best!

May you remember always... how much God Loves you!!! :)

Golden Seeds of Hope!

Many years ago, I came upon a very beautiful message found in Sacred Scripture that really spoke to my heart! It is God's promise of endless Hope for the future of those who Love Him, believe in Him and place all their trust and Faith in Him! When I came upon this message, my heart leaped for Joy within me. It was so filled with such promise and I reached out and embraced it, pulling it close to me... and like little golden seeds of Hope, I planted them deep within my heart and they have been growing ever since. A fruitful tree of Hope, this eternal message has become for me, and I hope it will become the same for you!

This amazing message from God is this: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

No matter what someone's situation might be in life, no matter how hopeless thing may appear to be, with God there is always Hope! He Loves us so much, with an everlasting Love and we are truly His beloved children, we belong to Him and He wants us to prosper and succeed in our lives so that His glory might be seen through us... and others might also come to believe in Him.

In the world in which we are living... we need God's message of HOPE, now more than ever. God longs to give it to us,not the kind of hope that is mere wishful thinking, but one the is strong, so powerful and eternal, The Hope of Heaven... the Hope of God, that can truly create miracles in our lives in ways we might not have ever even imagined!

So if you have the Hope of God in your heart already, remember to always cherish it and cling to it... and keep it ever alive! If you are still in search of God's gift of Hope... take some time to really listen with your heart to His beautiful message above, found in Sacred Scripture. Allow it to take root in your heart and bring you new life!

Look to the future with Hope in your heart!

God's Word is Alive!

God speaks to us and sings to us through His Living Word, found in Sacred Scripture. He is alive and when we read His Word, His message of Love, Hope, and Peace in the Holy Bible, we find Him with us, speaking directly to our hearts and souls, directing us in our daily lives and guiding us on His path of Goodness and everlasting Life!

Many people are afraid to read the Bible, they think that it is far beyond them, that they will not understand it, but the beautiful thing is that God sends His Holy Spirit to fill our minds and hearts with His holy wisdom to understand all that He longs to tell us and teach us.

God is not a distant, far off God... He is right here with us, in our very midst, dwelling within our very hearts, the hearts of all His children, in this beautiful world He's created and also, in His Living Word, the Holy Bible. He has so much He wants to tell us... and every time we open the Bible, and listen and read with eyes of Faith, we will be amazed at what we will hear God saying to us!

God's voice sings out through the pages of Sacred Scripture... and I hope you will give yourself the priceless gift of uniting with God, and hearing all the Good News He has for you!

You are His beloved child. He Loves you, with an everlasting Love... more than you may ever know!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

God's Gifts From Above!

It's a brand new year and I feel very inspired to create a new blog! God has given me the special gifts of music and song and a beautiful voice to proclaim His Good News to the world... and I envision this blog to be another form of song for me... as I share the inspirations that God continues to place within my heart.

Each of us has been given by God, very special gifts that we are being called to discover, develop and use for God's Glory! I have been aware of my gifts of music and singing since I was a very small child and have been continuing to develop them and use them for God's Glory ever since!

It's amazing that my sweet, little daughter Audrey is only 22 months old and already, she too, (as we all are), is very aware of the very, special gifts of music and song that God has given her as well. Just like her Mama... she LOVES to sing, all day long... songs that she knows, and songs that she is already creating on her own. She Loves God very much, and Loves to sing songs that glorify Him and share His Good News! Although, the Christmas season is over, she still Loves to sing... "Go Tell It On The Mountain," (that Jesus Christ is born!). She reminds me so much of myself, when I was a small child... and the similarities between us are such beautiful things to share and celebrate. I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts that God has blessed her with and I plan to continue to help her develop them and cultivate them and use tem for God's glory as she grows.

I am almost 7 months pregnant with my second daughter, and I can't help but wonder and dream about what this daughter will be like. I wonder what she will look like, if she will love to sing like Audrey and myself? There's a world of endless wonder and mystery, continuing to grow and bloom like a beautiful rose, just below my skin, here beneath my belly. What a divine miracle! The Miracle of Life, Love and Hope! I feel so incredibly blessed by God for Him choosing to bless me with another child... and I truly look forward with great JOY to the beautiful, "Future full of Hope," He has prepared for us! :)

I am excited about this new year and all the special blessings to come! I have a lot of new songs in my heart... and I look forward to sharing the world, maybe, in the form of a new album if time permits! :)

What are the special gifts that God has blessed you with? Are you aware of them yet, or are they still, hidden within your heart, all wrapped up? If you a person that tends to believe that God has given everyone else special gift, except you... I hope and pray that you will reconsider those thoughts... and truly come to believe God's Truth, that He has already given you some precious gifts that He wants you to discover, develop, cultivate and use for His glory!

It's really, really true! Just take some time to look deep within your heart to discover what they are and once you find them... pray to God and ask Him to help you use them for His glory to share His Good News with the world! God needs you and me to help make His Heavenly Kingdom a reality here on Earth!

Wishing you a blessed day in every, single way! :)