Monday, February 27, 2012

Rise And Shine And Give God The Glory!

Every new day that we are given by God is a pure and blessed gift! Another new chance to rise... and shine... and give God all the glory He so deserves! God Loves us so very much, has created us and chosen us to be His very own, and even calls us, His beloved, by name... to give our hearts, souls, and lives to Him...and as we live our lives for Him. We are blessed in more ways that we could ever even say!

God truly wants us to surrender our lives to Him, to live for Him and He most certainly wants to bless us in every way imaginable! He also wants our lives to glorify Him and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in all ways! And so, just how do we do that... and how does that happen?

We give glory to God and glorify Him with our very lives when we live lives that are committed and dedicated to loving, serving, honoring and glorifying Him. God has created us for glory... to shine with all the glory of Heaven... and let all the Earth see that He is God... that He has created us, Loves us and lives in us... and that all the good that we do and accomplish in our lives flows from and through Him into our lives... and into the world!

Every morning when you rise... always remember to thank God for the precious gift of another, beautiful and blessed day! For, with God, as the center of our lives, we can't even begin to imagine all of the Hope, Love, and amazing potential that each new day that He blesses us with holds!

Remember too, to re-dedicate and commit your heart, soul, and life to God... and let Him know that you plan to give Him all the glory for all that you do that day! Know that He Loves you endlessly, that He lives within you, and that He intends to bless you this day in the most abundant ways... be open to His wonderful blessings... let His Light shine in you... you will glorify Him! :)

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