Wednesday, February 1, 2012

God's Miracles Happen Everyday!

God's miracles happen each and every day, this is a sure fact! All we have to do is open our eyes and hearts each morning and take in the brand, new beautiful sun rising in a picture perfect painted sky, created anew by God each and every morning and we are hopefully moved to realize and remember God's miraculous power and glory!

And we can continue to find all kinds of miracles in God's beautiful creation, from beautiful flowers that grow and bloom to baby animals being born, and of course the most amazing of all God's miracles... the miracle and gift of human life!

To even begin to ponder the mystery, wonder and true miracle of how a human being is miraculously conceived, how a precious little child of God, (even at it's earliest stage), is nestled in its mother's womb for nine months, to grow and be nurtured safely there by its mother and of course by God is truly one of the most profound miracles we will ever experience, next to the miracle of Jesus' conception, birth, life, death and Resurrection from the dead.

Our God is truly a God of the miraculous... He is truly a God of miracles, (both great and small!), and I have come to believe from my own personal experience that God is very generous in giving miracles of all kinds to His children, both when we pray for them, and when we really need them, and may not have even prayed for them, yet, God knew how much we needed them and what a blessing they would be to us and our Faith!

Miracles are happening all the time, all around us, (even if we are completely unaware of it!). A miracle is an event that happened through divine intervention, in other words, through God's gracious and loving intervention. A miracle is a precious gift given only by God, and when we are so blessed to receive one, we should be eternally thankful to God for blessing us in this most gracious way! This thankfulness of heart, will inspire us and we will grow in our Faith and devotion, even closer to God and we will really benefit from this gift in endless ways that will continue our whole life through.

May our hearts always be open, and ready to accept the many, beautiful miracles that God sends our way, both big and small! For He Loves us so much and longs to bless us in endless ways! :)

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