Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With God All Things Are Possible!

Do you really believe that, "With God all things are possible?" That's what Jesus tells us in Sacred Scripture... and His Word is truly true! Is it hard to imagine, it may be... but it's true!

With God all things really are possible, though, we must have an incredible amount of Faith for this promise of God to be seen in our lives. There are so many situations in people's lives that may seem so hopeless and dismal at times that they feel helpless and feel that there's nothing that even God can do to change their situation. Though, I don't believe that's true.

God Loves us so much, He's always with us and He truly wants to help us be the best that we can be, be all that He's created us to be... (and that's someone pretty amazing!). He really wants to bless us, and give us a beautiful and blessed future full of Hope and Goodness. It might be hard for some people to image, especially if they have suffered greatly in their lives... but its really true.

With deep and passionate Faith in God, and reliance on His unfailing Love, it's never, ever too late for God to make His Presence known in our lives, to change our situation and even heal us of what is ailing us and make us whole again.

So, if are going through something in your life at this time that is difficult, challenging, painful, confusing... whatever it might be, and you are feeling that things are just hopeless and simply can't be helped or turned around, please don't loose Hope, heart, or give up. Even if you have already tried going to God and feel that perhaps, He just didn't hear or answer your prayers, please, still don't despair.

Remember... with God... there is ALWAYS Hope... and with God, truly ALL things are possible for those who believe in Him with hearts filled with endless Faith! God is our Heavenly Father and He has a great, big heart filled with unconditional Love for us, His beloved children. We must go to Him in humility and Faith and speak to Him with open hearts sharing with Him, all that we need to say. He truly wants to hear from us... and IS listening. Just believe, Trust and have Faith in Him and all the miracles that can come about through our Faith in Him!

God Loves you with an everlasting Love... and is waiting to bless us in countless ways! May we always be open to the wonderful and beautiful ways in which God longs to bless us! :)

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