Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Am Blessed!

Have you ever heard the saying, "I'm too blessed to be stressed?" You may have even seen it on a licence plate, as I often do from time to time. Well, without trying to sound too cliche' I will share that I feel the same way as well.

When we have God as the center of our lives, and are committed to living our lives for Him, to love and serve Him and His people, and live lives that are pleasing to Him... we can't help but be blessed by Him... His blessings overflow in abundance from Heaven above!

What do you consider to be a blessing in your life? Is a blessing for you, only something that can be seen as an obvious good thing, or are you able to see beyond something that may not first appear to be a blessing, though, in time, discover that it is truly, "a blessing in disguise?"

I am very thankful that God has given me the humility and wisdom to realize that His endless blessings come in all shapes, colors, packages and yes, even disguises! When I was going through a very difficult time once, as a young adolescent, I had a friend share with me what I consider to be a very valuable piece of wisdom with me and it was this: "Crises is a blessing in disguise, " and I have to say, that this statement has proven true in my life on several occasions.

I am glad that I am able to recognize a crises as a blessing in disguise, because what it really is is a blessed opprotunity given by God to grow, lean more, and be transformed by God's healing Love and Grace.

God is truly in control of our lives... this is for sure, and so He's not only in control of what seem to be the good things that happen to us, but even what we might consider the not so good things as well! He Loves us deeply with an everlasting Love... and desires for us to live a good, holy life, richly blessed by Him in abundant ways! Yet, the journey may not always be smooth sailing all the way. I believe God allows us to have challenging times and even sorrowful times because this is a way in which we grow closer to Him and our Faith is truly proved and strengthened, like gold in the refiner's fire.

He doesn't ever want us to feel defeated or overcome by our trials and adversities, but strengthened and encouraged in knowing that we are truly not alone, that He is with us... and so is Jesus, Who truly understands what we are going through, because He was human in every way, when He lived and walked upon this Earth, human in every way, except sin.

When we go through difficult, challenging, and sorrowful times we should rejoice and unite ourselves with Jesus, Whose life did not end in defeat, but Who overcame the ultimate obstacle of all... death. Jesus destroyed the power of death, by rising from the dead and the power of His Resurrection is now available to you and me and all believers in Him!

So, if you have made God the center of your life and you live your life for Him, you are blessed, in ways both big and small! And when we walk beside Jesus, as our Lord, Savior, Teacher, and dear Friend, we are doubly blessed!

God has so many blessings for us all, each and every day, many times throughout our days God wishes to bless us. It's really true! It's all a matter of how we choose to view our lives and the happenings in it. To be truly blessed, we must always remember that, "Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." (James 1:17)

God Loves you endlessly and wants to bless you today in the most beautiful way! Let's all be open to the many blessings of God, sent from Heaven above!!! :)

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