Friday, January 27, 2012

The Miracle of Love!

Love is a miracle! It lives within our hearts. Find it, give it and more Love will come back to you in return. Love is alive and real and a true miracle from God! It's a precious gift that God has given us and it can heal and change the world and every person living in it! God is Love... and He has created us in His own very, beautiful image and likeness... of Love! Yes, we are Love too!

Be not afraid to Love, especially as God calls us to. Be not afraid to Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to Love your neighbor as yourself! Be not afraid to Love yourself as God Loves you. You are deeply Loved by God...and He wants you to know this and believe this and live this Truth with all that you are!

God calls us to walk in Love, humbly with one another! What miracles can come if we all strive to do this... what healing will come about in ourselves and in our world if we truly walk and live in Love as God calls us to... as Jesus has taught us!

Dare to Love... with all your heart, soul, mind and being! Dare to help create miracles of Love where ever you go, beginning with yourself and in your own home and community... and the miracles of Love will grow from there, like a rippling effect... Love will spread and heal and change the world for the best!

May you remember always... how much God Loves you!!! :)

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