Thursday, January 26, 2012

God's Gifts From Above!

It's a brand new year and I feel very inspired to create a new blog! God has given me the special gifts of music and song and a beautiful voice to proclaim His Good News to the world... and I envision this blog to be another form of song for me... as I share the inspirations that God continues to place within my heart.

Each of us has been given by God, very special gifts that we are being called to discover, develop and use for God's Glory! I have been aware of my gifts of music and singing since I was a very small child and have been continuing to develop them and use them for God's Glory ever since!

It's amazing that my sweet, little daughter Audrey is only 22 months old and already, she too, (as we all are), is very aware of the very, special gifts of music and song that God has given her as well. Just like her Mama... she LOVES to sing, all day long... songs that she knows, and songs that she is already creating on her own. She Loves God very much, and Loves to sing songs that glorify Him and share His Good News! Although, the Christmas season is over, she still Loves to sing... "Go Tell It On The Mountain," (that Jesus Christ is born!). She reminds me so much of myself, when I was a small child... and the similarities between us are such beautiful things to share and celebrate. I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts that God has blessed her with and I plan to continue to help her develop them and cultivate them and use tem for God's glory as she grows.

I am almost 7 months pregnant with my second daughter, and I can't help but wonder and dream about what this daughter will be like. I wonder what she will look like, if she will love to sing like Audrey and myself? There's a world of endless wonder and mystery, continuing to grow and bloom like a beautiful rose, just below my skin, here beneath my belly. What a divine miracle! The Miracle of Life, Love and Hope! I feel so incredibly blessed by God for Him choosing to bless me with another child... and I truly look forward with great JOY to the beautiful, "Future full of Hope," He has prepared for us! :)

I am excited about this new year and all the special blessings to come! I have a lot of new songs in my heart... and I look forward to sharing the world, maybe, in the form of a new album if time permits! :)

What are the special gifts that God has blessed you with? Are you aware of them yet, or are they still, hidden within your heart, all wrapped up? If you a person that tends to believe that God has given everyone else special gift, except you... I hope and pray that you will reconsider those thoughts... and truly come to believe God's Truth, that He has already given you some precious gifts that He wants you to discover, develop, cultivate and use for His glory!

It's really, really true! Just take some time to look deep within your heart to discover what they are and once you find them... pray to God and ask Him to help you use them for His glory to share His Good News with the world! God needs you and me to help make His Heavenly Kingdom a reality here on Earth!

Wishing you a blessed day in every, single way! :)

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